Louxor (set of 3) – Gold & Silver

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Noble materials
The savoir-faire of the Alain Saint-Joanis cutlery house is passed on from father to son. With it, the desire to produce high quality pieces. The cutlery sets of our Tendance collection are therefore made of noble materials. The handles of our cutlery are made of precious woods, such as ebony or olive wood. Combined with silver plated metal or gold-finish, Alain Saint-Joanis flatware delights the greatest tables around the world.

A classic and elegant style
The Alain Saint-Joanis collection Tendance cutlery sets come in a classic and pure style. Our cutlery house has revisited old models. We offer timeless designs that fit any table. The goldsmithing work done on our cutlery set is a testimony of the savoir-faire of our house. We have chosen to give a marbled effect, or to make horn-like handles for some of our models. Our Antique, Capucine, Tonia or Seville cutlery sets are ideal for more traditional tables.

A pure and contemporary style
Our Tendance Alain Saint-Joanis collection also offers more contemporary designs. However, the signature of this collection lies in its ability to endure over the years. All this while remaining at the forefront of trends in fine dining. More angular lines, more sober ferrules and bases blend perfectly with our wooden or resin handles. The metal of our cutlery is also available in several finishes: silver, gold or rose gold. The Tendance collection is ideal for a modern table with clean lines.

A reinvented savoir-faire
Alain Saint-Joanis cutlery can be recognized by its incomparable design. The French cutlery house has reinvented its various collections. Older models have been updated, like the Tendance collection and its bamboo cutlery set. Alain Saint-Joanis has also adapted its production techniques over the years. This allows our family business to meet modern needs: daily use and dishwasher safe, while preserving the quality of our exceptional savoir-faire.

Customize your Tendance Alain Saint-Joanis collection
The Alain Saint-Joanis cutlery house puts its expertise and savoir-faire at the service of your desires. Our collection Tendance is customizable for a table just how you like it. A gold finish instead of silver metal, custom ferrules or a different wood: Alain Saint-Joanis makes your cutlery how you want it. We also make custom-made cutlery sets.



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