Futurismo Tall Vase – 32.4 CM

Several Winning Awards Futurismo Collection including European Product Awards, DNA Paris, and Tableware International Awards of Excellence. This line is the result of a contemporary view of the artistic movement that emerged at the beginning of the 20th century. XX – Futurism. Inspired by the speed he praised, he found his expression through dynamic games between striking colors and geometries full of oblique lines, circles and diverging angles. It is an elegant collection that, reflecting the past, creates distinct compositions and leads us to a universe overflowing with color and movement. This collection is composed by an impactful and richly decorative pieces as well as a tableware with a strong personality.


The Futurismo collection is a contemporary reinterpretation of the pioneering movement of all modern movements, celebrating progress and marking a period of reinvention of artistic languages. Here are the vibrant and contrasting colors, the geometric shapes full of oblique lines, circles and divergent angles, bordered by lines of force, creating an idea of vigorous movement. The speed that futurists loved thus finds new expression in an elegant and timeless line, full of dynamism and expressiveness.



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