Cotte De Maille (set of 3) – Gold & Silver

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Precious materials
For generations, Alain Saint-Joanis has been making cutlery sets out of noble materials. Thus, the handles of the Prestige collection are available in silver or gold-plated metal. Some of the cutlery is also lacquered and thus offers an aesthetic specific to our brand. Each piece of our cutlery is assembled by hand. The Prestige Alain Saint-Joanis collection offers a quality worthy of goldsmithing. Every detail matters to offer you exceptional cutlery.

Sobriety and discretion
Alain Saint-Joanis has developed a series of cutlery sets with silver or gold-plated metal handles. The sobriety of this  silver-plated cutlery  has given birth to models such as Lignes, Câble, Cordage, Gatsby or Martelé. Our tableware is both raw and pure, which blends with discreet crockery. These Alain Saint-Joanis Prestige Collection cutlery sets are ideal to maintain a contemporary style, or on the contrary, a more classic one.

Boldness and elegance
The Alain Saint-Joanis Prestige Collection features a bold aesthetic. The different models of the Prestige collection, with their unique style and lacquered handles, are suitable for any table. Our cutlery house invites you to travel with cutlery sets such as Damascus, Giraffe, Arabesque, Animal or Dunes. Geometric patterns are also at the heart of our Prestige Alain Saint-Joanis collection. For an exceptional table, our Losange, Croisette, Louxor or Quadrille models are ideal.

A timeless collection
The Alain Saint-Joanis cutlery sets have survived years without going out of style. Our company knew how to adapt its manufacturing techniques. We thereby offer resistant cutlery for daily use and more intensive dishwashing. This renewal also allows Alain Saint-Joanis to revisit certain cutlery set models. Thus, our Prestige collection keeps up with the times.

Customize your Alain Saint-Joanis Prestige Collection
Alain Saint-Joanis can customize its Prestige collection, for cutlery that reflects your style of fine dining. It could be a different color for the lacquered handle or a gilded metal cutlery set instead of a silver finish: we make pieces that match your dining room or your dishes. We put our savoir-faire and expertise at the service of your desires. Our French cutlery house also offers custom-made creations.



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