Jet Blue Vase – 20.5 CM

290.00 $

Hand molded by glassware masters, these vases won the 2020 German Design Award. It showcase intricate designs on classic urn-shaped vessels. The ebony-colored glass is etched and polished for a satin-matte finish, then painted along the rim in shimmering gold. Statement of the Jury: The vase stands out with its clear form and a distinctive diamond pattern. The beautiful blue harmonises perfectly with the golden edge and underlines the impression of exclusivity and high quality.


The design and simple shape do not hide the striking character of these vases, hand-moulded by glassware masters. Its refinement results from the laborious textures offered by the stoning and satin finish in matte, with a touch in hand-painted gold, associated with the surprise that is the color glass.



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